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Life Insurance Rates

Life Insurance rates can vary depending on how healthy you are.  Every life insurance company offers several rate classes.  They can range from preferred plus being the best to a non standard life rate that could include table ratings.  The table rating will add a flat cost above a standard life insurance rate.  You can expect to pay a certain percent higher when you are substandard physically.  If you are over weight with a heart attack you could see a substandard rating.  Every life insurance company has different underwriting guidelines and will rate their tables accordingly.  Below I have put together a list of ratings that applicants could possibly qualify for.  They start from the best life insurance rate classes and go to the worst life insurance rate classes.

Typically insured's apply for life insurance rates at a younger age have a better chance at getting preferred rates.  Once you qualify for a rate class you are locked in to the rate class until the policy expires.  The longer you wait to buy life insurance the more expensive it gets.  Let's face the older you get the more health challenges you face.  When you are relatively young is when you can lock in preferred life insurance rates for the long haul.  We always recommend getting life insurance while your young to lock in against health conditions that we develop as we get older.

Life Insurance Rate Chart

  • preferred plus life insurance underwriting guidlines infographic
  • termlife-insurance infographic of preferred life insurance rates
  • Standard life insurance rates Infographic

Life Insurance Rates Classes