Our History

What Makes TermLife-Insurance.com Special?

We have staff that has over 30 years experience in the insurance industry. With all this knowledge combined with technology we have made buying, finding, and comparing term life insurance rates simple. We offer life insurance products in all 50 states.

Then to Today

In 2009 we developed the website to let our customers shop for life insurance with out the help of an agent.  We used compulife software to help consumers compare rates side by side. 

In 2012 we redeveloped the site with a redesign to bring you what you see today...  We offer a one of kind comparative rater with the web's only recalculate option.  This allows consumers to recalculate rates and shop like no other site.

GO Ticket Application:

TermLife-Insurance.com has a application process that no one in the industry offers, called a GO Ticket. It's quick, easy, and efficiant.

It simplifies the life insurnace application process and speeds up the enitire process from APPLICATION>UNDERWRITING>TO ISSUE. In some cases by over a week to ten days of a traditional life insurance agency. No one in the entire industry can offer this application process.

Your personal TermLife-Insurance.com agent is dedicated to:

  1. Helping with gathering quotes and comparing top life insurance companies.

  2. In determining a needs analysis.

  3. Submitting the application to the insurance company.

  4. Coaching you through the entire way from application to issue.

We work with the top A rated life insurance carriers in America:

TermLife-Insurance.com is partnered with A rated insurance companies and we offer all of the following: Term Life, Whole Life, Universal Life, Disability, Annuities, Long Term Care. We have a team of staff that specialize in all areas as well as in-house underwriters to help every step of the way.

Life Foundation Members:

We our Life Foundation members and hold ourselves to the highest standards when it comes to customer satisfaction. Only the best and most trusted life insurance agencies are members.



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