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Term Life Insurance FAQ

Can I buy online?2021-06-07T17:31:10-04:00

You can compare term life insurance quotes online and start the application process online, but you will need to speak with an agent before you submit the application to the carrier.  We have streamlined the application process with most carriers so we can submit the application electronically on your behalf.


Will I work with an agent?2017-06-19T14:36:42-04:00

Absolutely, and trust us, you want an agent on your side before you ever apply with a life insurance company.  You would never fight the IRS without an accountant, the same principal goes for life insurance.

Every life insurance company has underwriting guidelines that have to be met in order to get the best possible price.  We know these guidelines and help steer you towards the company who is best suited for you.

Do you sell the information I provide when I get a quote?2017-06-19T14:17:48-04:00

Absolutely not.  We are not a lead aggregator, we are an insurance agency and we manage all of our leads in-house with our agents.  We help clients understand how the buying process works, what options they have, and help them gather quotes from the top companies in the country.

You will be assigned your own personal agent and he/she will follow up after you submit your quote request to answer any question you may have.


How does term life insurance work?2017-06-19T15:08:23-04:00

Similar to auto or homeowners insurance, a term life insurance policy provides a set amount of financial protection if the insured should pass away during the period of time that the policy is in force.

Do I have to take an exam?2017-10-16T12:51:12-04:00

We have multiple carriers who offer no exam products.  If you are looking for a policy under $500,000 in death benefit then you can skip the exam.

Will you have to pay more if you do not take an exam?  Maybe not. Some people can actually get a cheaper price by not taking the exam.  We will advise you of your options and tell you if taking an exam is in your own best interest. We can help you find cheap term life insurance with or without an exam.

Which is better and why: term or whole life insurance?2017-10-03T12:02:12-04:00

Choosing between term and whole life insurance will depend on what your individual needs are.  Most people are better off with term life insurance. With term life insurance you can get more death benefit for your dollar.  So, someone who is on a tight budget can get more protection for their loved ones. However, term life insurance is a temporary solution and covers an individual for a set number of years.

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Who should buy term life insurance?2018-11-28T21:53:38-04:00

Anyone who has a family or dependents which relies on his/her income to survive should have term life insurance. We can find you cheap term life insurance.

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What does a level death benefit mean?2017-11-16T14:18:29-04:00

A level death benefit means the death benefit will remain fixed for the entire length of the term.  So if you buy a 20-year term policy the death benefit remains the same for the duration of the 20 years.

Does the price change?2017-10-16T12:46:08-04:00

With a level term life insurance policy, the price remains fixed for the entire length of the term. Once the underwriting is complete and the policy goes into force the price will not change for the length of the term. Buy level term to get cheap term life insurance.

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