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Life insurance for parents

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When shopping for the best policy, it’s beneficial to work with a seasoned pro. It’s also critical that your agent has access to numerous life insurance alternatives and can match you up with the policy that suits you best. Just like you would do with any other important product or service.

We work with more than 40 of the top life insurance carriers in the industry, so we can find a plan based on your specific needs…and your budget.


While most people don’t relish the idea of talking about life insurance, the reality is that this type of coverage can mean the difference between loved ones moving forward financially, or struggling for many years after the unthinkable.

Buying life insurance can be easier and less costly than you think – far less costly than leaving your loved ones without financial protection. Throughout the years, we’ve helped thousands of customers just like you provide peace of mind for those they care about.


Meet Your New Best Friends, Our Gurus.

When it comes to buying life insurance, working with experienced professionals is key. We have more than two decades of successful experience in the insurance industry and have countless testimonials to back us up. We don’t “tell” you what you “need”. Rather, we ask questions and get to know you, so that you ultimately obtain the coverage that best fits your specific requirements. We’ll help you design a life insurance plan that will allow you and those you care about to sleep much better at night.

Brad Cummins
Brad CumminsChief Agent
Brad Cummins is the owner and chief agent at TermLife-Insurance.com. He is licensed to sell insurance in all 50 states. Offering all lines if insurance products since 2004.