If you’re new to the world of annuities, an Allianz indexed annuity might be one to consider. An annuity is a great way for people who fear they will outlive their retirement savings to ensure that they have a steady stream of income throughout their years post-employment. If you are looking to find Allianz annuity rates we can help.

Allianz fixed index annuity reviews

One of the companies we write annuities through is Allianz.  They are a leading life and annuity company.  They have a very strong financial rating from all the major rating agencies.  Standard and Poor’s rates Allianz at an AA rating, AM Best has them at an A rating, and Moody’s has Allianz at an A2 rating.

An Allianz indexed annuity is similar to others in that the annuitant deposits an amount of money which will grow over time, and then be paid to the annuitant later in life when they need the steady stream of income. Whether you’re thinking about an Allianz equity indexed annuity or one from another insurance provider, you should know a little bit more about the ins and outs of such an investment before committing yourself and your money.

Allianz index annuity concept

An Allianz equity indexed annuity may be preferred by those who would like the opportunity to make greater gains on their annuity without actually participating directly in the market. So, for instance, if the Allianz equity indexed annuity you purchase is based on the S&P 500, you could potentially benefit from gains that index makes in the way of higher interest. If the index does poorly, however, you could also end up receiving less than you would have you chosen fixed or other annuities. If you don’t mind a little fluctuation and are eager to potentially earn more money, an Allianz equity indexed annuity may make the most sense for you.

Leaving your retirement years to chance because you didn’t take the time to arrange your finances accordingly is something no person should ever go through. Retirement is a time to do the things you’ve always wanted to but didn’t have the time to do, a period in your life where you want to be financially comfortable. Learn more about Allianz annuity rates and plan for your financial future, today.

We can shop for annuity rates for you.  We know which plans and current rates are available for index and fixed annuities. Give us a call and we can go over current rates and help you find the annuity that is right for you.