If you’re thinking about investing in an annuity but want a little more assurance with regards to the amount you will receive in the form of payments down the road, a fixed index annuity might be the right choice for you.

Where an index annuity differs from some of the others available is that the annuitant is provided with a guaranteed minimum of return. This means that even if the stocks in which the annuitant’s initial deposit is invested do poorly, there will be a cap on the amount of money the annuitant will lose. With this being said, an index annuity may also provide payments that are slightly less than those from other types of annuities so as to compensate for alleviating some of the risk. For someone who wants less risk than say a variable annuity might provide, it could be worth it to receive slightly less in the form of payments from an index annuity.

List of companies that offer fixed index annuities:

For more information on an index annuity or any other type of annuity, contact TermLife-Insruance.com. Our partnerships with many of the leading insurance companies who offer the index annuity and others will ensure this process is a positive one. Take a look at the companies we have that offer these types of annuities.

  • American General
  • Genworth
  • John Hancock
  • Lincoln National
  • Mass Mutual
  • Med American
  • Mutual Of Omaha
  • One American
  • Pacific Life
  • Transamerica Life
  • United Of Omaha
  • ING
  • Pacific Life

Index Annuity Fees

An Index annuity can have fees.  When you choose us to help you set up your annuity contract with the insurance company we will help you find the annuity companies with the lowest current fees. We can shop our annuity companies current fee and annuity rates to advise you which company has the best current product.  We are always up to date on the rates and fees that annuity companies offer.

Learn about an Index Annuity with an Income Rider

A fixed indexed annuity with a guaranteed income rider can be a huge benefit if you buy an annuity. A guaranteed income rider on an annuity can be one of the most powerful riders available in any life insurance plan. This rider is also known as Guaranteed Withdrawal Benefit Rider or a Lifetime Income Benefit Rider.

This rider does have fees that you pay to the insurance company and it’s not a one size fits all rider.  It is something you should explore with one of our expert advisers.  When we design your index annuity plan we will make sure to go over all the options to best suit your needs. For example, if you don’t plan on taking any income from the annuity and you plan to pass the proceeds 100% to your beneficiaries then this rider would not be in our interest.  These are the things we know and this is why you want to trust us with your business.

Indexed Annuities can give you an income you will never out live:

No matter what type of annuity you choose, it’s wise to make arrangements now, before you retire, so that you can continue to enjoy a steady stream of income later in life. For those without pensions or other solid retirement savings plans, what are supposed to be the golden years could wind up being the most stressful in your life thus far, if the right steps aren’t taken. Give yourself unparalleled peace of mind with an index annuity from a leading insurance company.

Give yourself a monthly paycheck from an index annuity combined with your social security paycheck and enjoy your golden years. You might also want to read our Pro’s and Con’s article about equity index annuities to find out more about these products.