Looking for an ING Annuity? TermLife-insurance.com can help.

If you’re nearing retirement or even thinking about how you will finance your golden years, you may have come across annuities as one of the available planning options. Although there are many different providers of such plans, an ING annuity comes with a great reputation in terms of product and service.

An ING annuity is available to those who are interested in a few different forms. Whether you choose a fixed ING annuity, an index ING annuity or an immediate ING annuity is up to you and will depend on your individual circumstances and budgetary needs.

For some, an ING annuity of the fixed variety will provide them with a guaranteed, fixed payment amount, along with the other tax-deferral perks that are offered by other annuities. Others will prefer an index ING annuity where they will receive a minimum guaranteed amount in payments but also have the potential to receive more, depending on the growth of an index or benchmark. Then, with an immediate ING annuity, the annuitant can deposit a lump sum of money and have it immediately made steady payments or a source of income on which they can depend.

Assess your own situation and decide which ING annuity will best suit your financial needs. If you require assistance or have any specific questions, contact one of the licensed agents at TermLife-Insurance.com for more information.

No matter which ING annuity you select, you will be awarded the peace of mind that comes from knowing your finances will be in good hands and that you will have a source of income on which you can rely, even after you’ve stopped working. Retirement is meant to be enjoyed. Start planning today.


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