If you’ve been shopping around for ideas or ways to save money for your retirement, you’ve likely heard of annuities and discovered that many different insurance companies provide such streams of investment. A MetLife annuity is just one of the many options available to annuity shoppers today, and the company’s reputation makes it among those most commonly chosen. Metlife offers a wide range of life insurance products, from whole life to term life, but they also have some very strong annuity products to offer consumers.

A MetLife annuity comes in three different forms: variable, fixed or income annuities. Each MetLife annuity has different benefits to offer its owner and so it’s important to understand what’s involved with each of the different types.

A Variable MetLife Annuity:

A variable annuity provides lifetime income, just like the other types of MetLife annuity, however, it does provide the owner with some amount of flexibility. If the market goes up, for instance, the annuitant’s assets will grow, whereas with a decline in the market the holder’s retirement savings will still be protected. You can begin or stop payments at any time with this type of annuity.

A Fixed MetLife Annuity:

Unlike the variable annuity, fixed annuities always provide their holders with the same rate of interest. This provides peace of mind for those who are less willing to watch their retirement savings fluctuate with the market.

An Income MetLife Annuity:

The income annuity will not only optimize your income with fewer of your assets, but it supplies a guaranteed source of income and protects against market fluctuations affecting your income.

Depending on your individual circumstances, budget and retirement needs, you can find the MetLife annuity that will meet your savings needs best. To learn more about any MetLife annuity or to purchase an annuity, contact us at TermLife-Insurance.com.

Take steps to plan how to best grow and use your retirement savings today. A MetLife annuity could be the only thing you need for greater peace of mind. Call one of our licensed agents today and we can help with finding the right plan for you as well as the application process.

MetLife financial strength: source Metlife.com

A.M. Best
Fitch Ratings
Moody’s Investors Service**
Standard & Poor’s
American Life Insurance Company Not Rated Not Rated A1 AA-
MetLife Alico Life Insurance KK (MetLife Alico Japan)* Not Rated Not Rated Not Rated AA-
First MetLife Investors Insurance Company A+  Not Rated Not Rated AA-
General American Life Insurance Company A+ AA- Aa3 AA-
MetLife Insurance Company of Connecticut A+ AA- Aa3 AA-
MetLife Investors Insurance Company A+ AA- Aa3 AA-
MetLife Investors USA Insurance Company A+ AA- Aa3 AA-
Metropolitan Life Insurance Company A+ AA- Aa3 AA-
New England Life Insurance Company A+ AA- Aa3 AA-