Need life insurance but worried about your weight? We can help!

Obesity is a growing problem in our society, affecting millions of people and increasing the rates of other diseases related to the cardiovascular system and others. Because a person’s weight can put them at a much greater risk for other health issues and can even lower their lifespan, life insurance rates for obese people can be somewhat more expensive. With that being said, it is possible to find more affordable life insurance rates.
Just as they do when they screen for any other health issues, life insurance providers will assess a person’s weight to determine whether or not it makes them a greater risk. The higher your weight, the greater the chance you have of developing some other non or even life-threatening disease or condition. Life insurance rates for obese who are deemed high risk are always more expensive.
Whether you’re shopping for insurance rates for obese candidates or you’re overweight and already have a policy, there are options for making your insurance more affordable. The good news is that making an effort and losing even 20-25 lbs could reduce the cost of your premiums significantly. If you’re looking for insurance rates for obese people, now might be the time to start trying to lose weight, before you purchase your policy.
Because obesity can put you into a higher risk category for life insurance, it’s wise to speak to a licensed life insurance agent about the options that are available to you. Our experts will know which life insurance providers are most likely to offer you the best life insurance rates for obese people and can answer any and all questions with regards to your condition and how it affects your insurance policy.
Don’t assume that just because you’re overweight you have little chance of being approved for life insurance or of obtaining a policy with premiums that fit within your budget. Options do exist and securing the coverage you need will provide you with the greatest peace of mind.

When you call us have your height and weight ready and let one of our agents help you find a policy for you.