Find Pilot life insurance quotes and rates.

Do You Fly Planes?

If you’ve worried that your hobby or profession as a pilot will make it much more difficult and costly for you to secure life insurance, you can, for the most part, set your worries aside.
If you have a pilot’s license and fly planes occasionally as a hobby, it’s likely that the life insurance rates for pilots will be very similar to the regular rates paid by a person with no such hobby. Before offering you a price, an insurance company will likely ask for details about your flight training, the number of hours you’ve flown and your license. They will use all of this information to assess your risk and to give you a rate.
If you fly planes professionally, either as a commercial pilot or a private pilot, the process for securing life insurance rates for pilots is relatively the same. Generally, if the type of flying you do is simply a matter of transporting people to and from licensed airports, then you’re likely to receive regular rates.
The instances in which life insurance rates for pilots are often more expensive are when a pilot ferries people to non-licensed airports, terrain that is rugged or remote areas such as northern lakes. It’s understandable that these types of places would pose a greater risk to the pilot and be reflected accordingly in their insurance premiums.
If you’re unsure as to which insurance providers would be best suited to meet your need for life insurance rates for pilots, contact a licensed insurance agent who can use their knowledge of the industry to save you time and money. Your profession or hobby doesn’t have to stand in the way of your receiving a great insurance rate, so start your research and learn more about the options that are available to you.

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