Look close at what you’re buying with Globe Life Insurance.

Globe life insurance rates do come with a catch.  If you were to really stop and think about it, you probably wouldn’t have much faith in insurance coverage that only cost $1, it’s amazing the number of people who are persuaded by flashy advertising and the idea of being able to spend virtually nothing for supposed insurance protection.

How Can Globe Give You Life Insurance For a $1?

You’ve probably seen Globe Term Life Insurance’s marketing for their $1 insurance rates, but before jumping on the low-price insurance bandwagon with Globe Life, there are some things you should know about this company and how it operates.

The first thing is that those ‘$1 teaser rates’ aren’t exactly legit. Sure, you may get to pay $1 for your first month, but the price of your premiums will only continue to go up from there. Do you really want to buy a policy that doesn’t have fixed or guaranteed rates?  What’s more is that instead of their term life prices staying fixed for somewhere from 10 to 30 thirty years, as they are with most insurance companies, Globe Life increases their rates with age.

Do Your Homework First

So, then, with what started out at $1 only goes up in price from there and you actually end up spending more money for what is little coverage. Take Globe Life’s term life insurance policy, for example, which only provides coverage of up to $50,000. Globe Life Insurance looks to make quick sells to people who haven’t shopped around. This is unfortunate because, if they did do a little research, they’d see that they could find more coverage for fixed, less-expensive rates.

In addition to low amounts of coverage, Globe Life also likes to push the no medical exam life insurance policies. While people who don’t know any better may think that no medical exam means less hassle, they could be paying more money for something they don’t really need. Unless you’re in poor health, there’s no reason for you to pay more to opt out of the medical exam. The medical exam is not that difficult to complete.  After all the paramed comes to you and all you have to do is give up 10 minutes of your day to complete the exam.

It’s important to look carefully at the companies with which you’re considering purchasing your life insurance policy. What may seem like an amazing deal at first glance like Globe life insurance rates, could end up being a costly mistake.

Take a look at some of our term rates.  All of our rates are level term rates, so the premium will never change once you lock in your rate.  Give us a call and we can help with quotes over the phone.