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Life insurance with herpes.

When it Comes to Applying for Life Insurance, Herpes will be Noted

Do you wonder how your current health status will affect your life insurance application? Medical history is a common concern for those shopping for life insurance policies, namely because depending on the seriousness of your history you could be denied insurance or required to pay much more for a policy.

When it comes time to disclose your medical history on an application for life insurance, herpes is one of the many conditions that must be disclosed. A general rule of thumb when filling out such applications is to be as honest as possible because while it’s unlikely an insurance company will reject you for insurance based on the fact that you have herpes but are otherwise healthy, they may cancel your policy if they find out later that you lied about having the virus. What’s more is that insurance companies do require blood and urine samples from prospective policy holders so they could find out this information more easily than you think.

The fact that they have herpes may not be something that most people like to readily disclose, but providing this information to an insurance provider confidentially, and receiving the insurance coverage you want and need, likely outweighs the embarrassment you may feel.

So, in the section of the application that asks you to disclose any STDs, be honest. The application will likely ask you about the date of your diagnosis and whether or not you have been treated for your condition. Be as detailed as possible in your answers, including the medications you’re taking and the date from which you’ve been receiving treatment.

When it comes to term life insurance, herpes should not prevent you from getting the coverage you need to protect your loved ones. Remember, honesty is always the best policy.  We can help you get life insurance if you have herpes just fill out an online quote request and we will be in touch.

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