I have HIV can I get life insurance?

It used to be that finding life insurance for HIV people was somewhat of a lost cause. Years ago, when more people died of HIV than lived with it for any length of time, insurance companies viewed HIV positive applicants as being at a serious risk of death and, therefore, chose not to insure them, no questions asked.
With advances in medicine, however, things have changed for people diagnosed with HIV. With the right treatment and medications, an HIV positive person can live much longer. In fact, if a diagnosis is made early, a person with HIV can now live what is considered a long life. These advances have, therefore, spurred some changes within the insurance industry and it’s now possible to get life insurance for HIV people.
With that being said, not every person with HIV will be approved for a life insurance policy. Due to the fact that the seriousness of an HIV diagnosis varies from person to person, insurance companies and underwriters must evaluate each case individually. Even if an insurance company offers simplified issue insurance, or that where you would only be required to answer a few medical questions, the chances of one of those questions being whether or not you have HIV is high and the question is often grounds for an automatic decline.
For some insurance companies, life insurance for HIV people is available but not without a fairly steep price. If you’re interested in learning more about the options of life insurance for HIV people, it’s best to contact a licensed insurance agent who will be able to tell you which insurance providers are most likely to consider your case. They can also help you find rates for the sake of comparison. If you have HIV and are approved for an insurance policy, you may have to weigh the pros and cons of paying much higher premiums for insurance coverage.

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