Are you wondering how to find cheap term life insurance rates for smokers?

Need cheap life insurance for smokers? Have you been searching for facts about how much more term life insurance will cost if you smoke?  Well, you can stop looking and start shopping.  We will let you use our comparative rater, for free, to shop term life rates from multiple life insurance companies.  With our quote form below it takes less than a minute to compare rates from 75 of the top life companies.

Smokers pay twice or three times as much as non smokers for term life

You’ve been smoking most of your adult life but want the same type of coverage non-smokers would receive for life insurance. Does this sound like you? The good news is that although your recent searches for life insurance rates for smokers may not have turned up anything too promising, there is still hope and it is possible to secure the coverage you want and need.We offer cheap life insurance for smokers.

Take a look at one of our top carriers Banner Life.  Here are some examples of how smoking can effect the life insurance rates for a 35 year old mlae.

Non Smoker Preferred Rate for $500,000 – $30.63 per month with Banner Life

Smoking Preferred Rate for $500,000 -$92.75 per month with Banner Life 

Smoking Standard Rate for $500,000 -$125.56 per month with Banner Life

Look at the increase in the life insurance rates for a smoker vs non smoker. It’s a huge increase. A 35 year old smoker who is looking for a 20 year term life policy, with a $500,000 death benefit, is going to pay 3 times more than a healthy 35 year old non smoker. The same 35 year old will pay over four times more if he can not get the smoker preferred rates. Bottom line… stop smoking if you want to buy life insurance. The increases in rates only get worse as you age as well.

Mix smoking with any medications or being over weight and you could be in trouble

Like those people who have pre-existing health issues, smokers can sometimes face greater difficulty finding insurance plans for prices they’re willing or can afford to pay. The good news is that with the amount of competition in the insurance market today, it is possible to find affordable life insurance rates for smokers from some of the leading insurance providers in the country. You just need to know where to look or who to ask.

Most companies want to see no nicotine for over two years to get preferred rates

The best way to find and compare term life insurance rates for smokers is to contact and use a reputable company, such as, where licensed insurance agents who know the various insurance providers well can assist you with the rate comparison process. What could be easier than describing what it is that you want in an insurance policy and allowing a trained professional to do the research for you?

This way, the licensed agents will know specifically which providers will be more likely to offer the best term life rates for smokers and can put in the rate request for you. Then, with a variety of rates in hand, you will be ready to make the best possible decision with regards to your life insurance.

Finding cheap life insurance for smokers that will fit your budget is likely easier than you think. Start your quotes today and get the coverage you need at a price you can afford.