In many instances, when people choose to buy life insurance, it’s because they want to protect the people they love and support, even after they’ve passed away. Many people have one or a number of dependents who may not be able to subsist financially in their absence and so a life insurance policy gives that peace of mind that the people they care about most will be looked after.

Buying a policy such as permanent or term life insurance so that your loved ones will have coverage to pay for everyday expenses or post-secondary education is one thing. But what about the outstanding debts and funeral expenses for which someone will have to pay after your death? Your mortgage, estate taxes and the cost of your funeral service and burial could easily amount to tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars. After all, when we die those expenses don’t just disappear.

Leaving these financial responsibilities to our loved ones is a burden that may be much too much for them to bear, especially if you were the person on which they always depended for financial support. The answer, then, is to purchase final expense life insurance.

Final expense life insurance will just give you that extra peace of mind that any last costs will be taken care of and not left to the people you love. While this is an important and beneficial life insurance policy, it’s important to also secure individual coverage from a regular term life or permanent policy. Combining these two types of coverage is the best and most comprehensive way to protect and support your loved ones.

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