Get Affordable Life Insurance Rates for Overweight People? Here’s How

Finding the best Life Insurance Rates for Overweight People is not difficult if you have an agent who knows which carriers have the most aggressive height and weight tables.  We know which carrier that is.

Millions of people in North America are overweight, to some degree or another. Most people are aware of the fact that a person’s weight has a direct correlation to their chances of having some other health condition, such as heart disease or even cancer, later in life. Obesity can affect other aspects of a person’s life, including their ability to find affordable life insurance.

So, how are life insurance rates for overweight people determined? Essentially, when any person applies for life insurance, they are made to take a medical exam. If a person is overweight, the practitioner administering their exam will likely determine a height/weight ratio and will then use this ratio to determine their level of risk. Depending on your height/weight ratio, you could be at a greater risk of developing diseases, which will then increase your chances of premature death. This means that generally speaking, life insurance rates for overweight people tend to be more expensive than those for people who are not overweight.

If you want to find affordable life insurance rates and happen to be overweight, it’s a great idea to work at losing weight before applying for a policy. Even if you already own a life insurance policy, losing 20 lbs could make a difference in your insurance premiums.

The best thing to do is to contact a licensed insurance agent who can put their knowledge of the insurance industry and its providers to work for you. They will be able to save you both time and money, simply by knowing which providers are more likely to offer better life insurance rates for overweight people.

Whatever you do, don’t let what you’ve heard about insurance rates and obesity deter you from seeking the coverage you need. Get started on the road toward greater peace of mind and purchase your life insurance policy today!

Below is a height and weight chart look and see if you are over the weight for your height.  If you are at the recommended height and weight than a standard rating with extra premium will be applied. This does not mean you won’t be able to buy life insurance.  You just have to know who to turn to. We will help you get life affordable life insurance if you’re overweight.  THAT’S US!


Life Insurance Rates for Overweight People