Considering spousal life insurance coverage?

Considering Spousal Coverage?

There are a lot of things to decide when considering term life insurance of any kind; some may seem quite obvious and other factors will take a lot more thought and planning. While you may be trying to work out the logistics of a term life insurance policy for yourself, did you ever consider insuring your spouse? Have you given any thought to how you and/or your family would be affected financially should your spouse die?
If they earn a portion of your household income then the decision to insure your spouse may seem more obvious. How would you and your family survive financially if half or even a portion of the income they rely upon each year suddenly ceased to exist? Seems hard to imagine, doesn’t it?

What’s somewhat less obvious when it comes to deciding whether or not to insure a spouse is whether or not a stay-at-home parent should have coverage. While you might not automatically think of how and what this person contributes to your household in financial terms, should they die your family will undoubtedly feel the financial repercussions of this person’s absence. If you have children, you will be faced with higher child care expenses, you will likely have to take more time off of work and these are just a couple of examples.

 At, we typically recommend that a stay-at-home spouse be insured for at least half the amount that the household’s breadwinner is covered.

It can be difficult to think about what life would be like if your partner were to die, but taking the necessary measures to protect yourself and your family is one of the greatest decisions you will ever make. Visit us at for more information and advice for finding and selecting the best insurance policy for your needs.