How to Convert Term Life Insurance to Whole Life Insurance?

Converting Term Life Insurance to Whole Life Insurance

It can be difficult to know what type of coverage you will need and how long you will need it for when making decisions with regards to life insurance. What if, during your specified period, your situation changes and it’s clear you will need support for your dependents beyond that which will be covered by your term life insurance?

Life is impossible to predict and we can never be 100% sure that the policy we choose one year will still make the most sense 10 years later. The good news is, when you purchase a term life insurance policy from, you can convert your policy to whole life insurance at any time during your term. So, for instance, if you’re five years into your 10 year term but think a permanent policy would give you greater peace of mind, you can change your policy over to whole life without having to take another medical exam—even if your health has changed since you took out your first policy!

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