Nobody likes to think about becoming ill, so ill in fact that you can’t continue to earn an income in order to cover everyday expenses. The reality, however, is frightening in that millions of people around the world are and will suffer from serious illnesses. Critical illness insurance was created to ease an already difficult situation where a person is too sick to provide financially but their expenses still exist. The following is a brief explanation of what critical illness insurance is and when it’s beneficial.

Most critical illness life insurance policies cover serious conditions or diseases such as cancer, heart attack, stroke, or require major surgery such as a coronary artery bypass. With these conditions, it goes without saying that a person would require some amount of time in a hospital and even more time recuperating at home. If you became ill, how would you pay for everyday expenses such as your mortgage, car payments, food and clothing? Would you have the savings necessary to see you through? How would this affect your long term savings goals? Would your retirement fund be depleted? And, more importantly, how would all of this stress about money affect your ability to heal?

This is precisely why people buy critical illness insurance. Most disability insurance or extended health care benefits provided by a workplace will not cover an extended leave from work or the additional costs required for recovery. So how much insurance do you need to get you through such a situation? You need to start by evaluating your current financial obligations, such as any debt, as well as the types of expenses you would incur while trying to recover from a serious illness. You would likely need additional care and possibly equipment, for instance. And, don’t forget to factor in some amount of money so that you will be able to continue to pursue your retirement savings goals.

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