Whether we like it or not, money makes the world go round and our ability to earn money directly affects the lives we lead. So if you, like the millions of others each year, were suddenly unable to work and to earn that pay check because you were sick or hurt, to whom would you turn? Who would be depending on you for support?

When we started TermLife-Insurance.com, we had a lot of tough decisions to make. One of the most prominent among those was deciding which disability insurance companies we wanted to work with. After all, knowing that our clients will receive the protection they need when an injury or illness prevents them from working is all of the peace of mind we need. And, so, with all of the disability insurance companies that were available, we went through their policies, prices and terms to decide who would make our list of partners.

We’re proud of the disability insurance companies we’ve chosen because we know they will offer our clients nothing short of the best in terms of coverage. If you’ve never heard of Assurity Life, MassMutual, Principal Life, Berkshire/Guardian DI, MetLife DI, Standard Life of Oregon, Fidelity Security, Mutual of Omaha (DI) or Illinois Mutual Petersen International, it’s time you did.

Call TermLife-Insurance.com to learn more about the policies offered by some of these disability insurance companies. Then, when you’re ready to narrow your choice, our online rate checker tool will make comparison shopping a breeze. Contact our representatives if you have any questions or you would like to fill out a quick and easy phone application with one of our licensed agents.

We’re confident we’ve chosen the best of the best when it comes to disability insurance companies, and when you purchase a policy and it comes through for you when little else seems to be going right, we’re sure you will agree with us.

We look forward to lining you up with disability insurance companies you can trust.