Genworth Long Term Care Insurance can help you Find Peace of Mind.

When we went about selecting the insurance providers with which we would work, we gave careful consideration to their policies, prices and reputation as insurance companies. After all, we’re working to make it easier for people like you to find affordable coverage and we’re not about to recommend a company that hasn’t proven it’s worthy of a place in this industry.

If you’ve been looking for insurance that will cover you or a loved one in the event that you require extensive living or medical assistance, you may have heard about Genworth long term care insurance. Genworth isn’t new to the insurance business. In fact, they wrote their first policy back in 1871 as the The Life Insurance Company of Virginia.

Today, Genworth is touted as the largest supplier of long term care insurance in America and it wasn’t through sheer luck that they received this title. When you visit and use our rate checker tool to search for affordable insurance plans, you will see that we’ve developed a partnership with Genworth long term care, and it’s because of their solid reputation and comprehensive policies that they deserve consideration from our customers.

Whether you choose Genworth long term care insurance or any of the other reputable providers with which we work, deciding to buy long term care insurance is a very worthwhile investment. Imagine if you or someone you care about were unable to care for themselves in the future, or required more intensive treatments that aren’t covered by other insurance plans. As life expectancies continue to rise, more and more people are faced with a similar situation. The sad reality is that without coverage these long term care expenses can quickly drain an individual’s savings and some may even have to go without the care they really need.

Contact us at for more information about Genworth long term care or long term care insurance provided by any of the other companies with which we’ve partnered. Our licensed agents are standing by to answer your questions and help you establish your own plan for long term care. We are more than just a term life agency and we’re here to show you.


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