Determining the Length of Your Coverage

Trying to determine the length of your life insurance coverage will come down to the reason you have the coverage. If it;s to cover your mortgage while you still have a martgage payment then you may need it for the length of time the mortage remains.

When looking into different term life insurance policies from different providers, you likely have a lot of questions. After all, if you’re investing your money into a policy that will cover your beneficiaries after your death, you want to make sure that you’re getting the best, most adequate coverage possible for a price that suits your budget.

Perhaps one of the most important things you need to decide when purchasing term life insurance is the length of your coverage. Is 10 years sufficient or would 30 years protect your loved ones more adequately? While the length of your coverage really depends on your individual situation, there are some things you can consider that may help you come to a decision.

If you’re purchasing term life insurance, you likely have some number of dependents for whom you would like to provide, even after your death. Considering the type or age of your dependents will likely give you a better idea of the length of coverage you need. So, for instance, if you have young children you will likely want to ensure there is coverage to protect them until they themselves are adults and finished school. If you’re purchasing term life insurance when your youngest is three, you may want to consider a 15 year term. Or, if your spouse depends on you for financial support, you will likely want to ensure they’re protected at least until they retire, and so you can gauge the length of your policy accordingly.

If you’re still unsure as to the length of term life insurance coverage that’s right for you, call one of our licensed agents at Term Life Insurance. We work with over 40 term life providers so whether you need a policy that lasts 10 years or 30 years, you’re sure to find precisely what you’re looking for when you visit