Finding the cost of a $500,000 life insurance policy is easy with our quote engine. You can compare the rates from the top companies in the country in seconds if you need a $500 000 life insurance with no exam we have that too.  See for your self and run a quote above. Remember your rate class will ultimately determine how much the final cost will be.

It goes without saying that for many people the decision to buy or not to buy a life insurance policy comes down to the amount of money they will have to spend on coverage. While today’s economy has made more and more people’s budgets a lot tighter than they used to be, there are many affordable life insurance options available.

So how much does a $500,000 life insurance policy cost?

While rough estimates can be given, the amount of money an individual would have to pay for a policy that would provide $500,000 worth of coverage really depends on the person for whom the policy is intended. Life insurance companies price their policies on a case-by-case basis, according to the age and/or health of the individual applying. Other factors, such as lifestyle, will also go into the cost equation as the insurance provider will give you a price for life insurance based on the level of risk they deem you to present as an insurance applicant.

For instance, if you were a 48-year old male living in Alaska, you could expect to pay somewhere between $1,240 a year for a 25-year term life policy with $500,000 coverage and $2,805 for the same policy and amount of coverage, depending on the insurance provider you choose. Or, if you were a 32-year-old woman who is a smoker, also living in Alaska, your rates are estimated between $945 a year and $1,537 a year. Even though the female applicant smokes and the male applicant does not, the male’s age puts him in a higher-risk category than the female and, therefore, his life insurance quotes for a policy with $500,000 in coverage are more expensive.

A healthy 42-year-old male could see $500,000 rates like these below.


How Much is a $500,000 Life Insurance Policy


Get $500,000 Life Insurance Quotes

To find out how much it would cost you for a policy with $500,000 worth of coverage, you should check out quote engine above. In mere seconds, you can compare the rates for a $500,000 life insurance policy form the top life insurance companies in the country. $500,000 life insurance no exam quotes can be run as well.

Just quoting though can be deceiving, remember you will still have to apply for the quote and go through underwriting.  You have to qualify for your rate class. So if you run quotes at a preferred rate class you will have to qualify for that and it will require full underwriting with a para med exam.

There are several companies at the present time that offer a no exam option for a $500,000 death benefit.  So an exam will not be required.

There’s no time like now to purchase the life insurance coverage you need. Run some quotes to find the life insurance company and policy that will best suit your needs.