Is it Possible to Buy Life Insurance with Multiple Sclerosis?

Although an MS diagnosis is not something any person would want to receive, there are still options available to you when it comes to life insurance. Sometimes, it can take a health diagnosis such as this to put things into perspective and to spur people to take out an insurance policy and the good news is that your health condition does not have to eliminate your options.

Just like any other health condition, an Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis may make it more expensive for you to purchase the coverage you need. With that being said, every insurance provider is different and not every company will assess your level of risk in the same way. Depending on how old you were when you were diagnosed, how long ago you were diagnosed and the stage of your MS, you can still find affordable life insurance with MS.

The best thing to do, if you’re interested in purchasing life insurance with Multiple Sclerosis, is to contact an insurance agent. From here, this person will be able to tell you which companies often insure people with MS and who may be able to offer you the best priced policy. There are some details about your health condition that you will need to disclose and that will be used to determine the cost of your premiums and the parameters of your coverage. These could include the number of attacks you have had and the date of your last attack, your age at the time of diagnosis and the medications you are taking.

 Just like any other disease or medical condition, there are different levels of MS. Depending on your current condition and when you were diagnosed, it’s likely you will still be able to find affordable life insurance for MS sufferers.