Is It Possible to Get Life Insurance without a Physical?

Life Insurance and Physicals? Do you have to have one?
Taking an insurance medical exam can be a little nerve-racking, especially if you’ve got a pre-existing health condition. Even though a little preparation and learning what it is that you will be required to do on a medical exam can make all the difference, many insurance shoppers still want to know whether or not they can purchase life insurance without a physical.
For the sake of convenience and to quell the fears of insurance shoppers, many insurance providers do offer life insurance without a physical. It sounds great: get approved for a policy just by signing your name on the dotted line and paying for your premiums.
But, there are some things you should know about life insurance without a physical before jumping on the band wagon and buying such a policy. The first thing to consider is that these policies are automatically more expensive. Essentially, you have to pay for the privilege of not having to take a medical exam. The thing to do, if you’re interested in this type of policy, is to call an insurance agent for quotes on this and other insurance policies that do require a physical. Compare the rates and weigh the pros and cons. You may be surprised by what you find.
Then, something that most people don’t understand is that just because you don’t have to take a physical with this type of policy, you will still be required to answer questions with regards to your health, in as much detail as possible. You may have a health condition you’d rather the insurance company didn’t know about, but lying on an application is not a road you want to go down either. So, even though you won’t have to do additional tests for your life insurance policy, the insurance company will know all about your medical history anyway.