Prep for a Life Insurance Exam?

Should you Prep for a Life Insurance Exam?

If you’re wondering whether or not life insurance exam prep is necessary, the long and short of it is it depends on the type of person you are. If you know your medical history inside and out and are in good health, you may not need any life insurance exam prep. If your medical history has you concerned or you’re the type of person who could benefit from knowing more about the exam before they go into it, the following should help.

The initial paper work will require you to provide details about your medical history. From this information, the underwriter may contact your doctor if something is unclear or they require further details. Be as thorough as possible in your answers and always tell the truth. Lying on your application will do no good for your prospects of obtaining a life insurance policy.

The medical exam will likely be administered by a nurse or physician and will include blood and urine tests. In terms of life insurance exam prep for this portion of the application process, you may want to consider fasting for 12 hours before your blood tests and eating low cholesterol meals for several days before hand. Doing so can work in your favor because the blood tests will look for elevated cholesterol and blood sugar issues.

If you’re a smoker, well before your exam is a great time to quit! Do your best to get a good night’s sleep the night before and avoid things that are bound to make you anxious on the day of, such as caffeine. Basically, a calm and collected you will test more positively than a sleep-deprived, stressed you.

If you want to ensure the best possible results, perhaps a little life insurance exam prep couldn’t hurt. At the very least, knowing what to expect when the time comes may be preparation enough for some people.