Life Insurance with Hepatitis C.

What You Should Know About Life Insurance and Hepatitis C

If you were diagnosed with Hepatitis C, you may be worried that you won’t be able to buy life insurance. It’s true that insurance companies base their decisions of whether or not an individual will receive a policy, as well as how much they will pay for said policy, on factors that include a person’s health, their age, occupation and even driving history.
Each applicant is assessed and given a level of risk; either preferred, standard or impaired. This level of risk correlates to either an acceptance or rejection as well as the amount of money that the person applying will have to pay for premiums.
When it comes to life insurance and hepatitis C, then, it goes without saying that because of your condition an insurance company will likely place you in a higher risk category than someone who is generally healthy. With that being said, insurance companies do work on a case-by-case basis and so this does not mean that every hepatitis C sufferer looking for insurance will either be denied or made to pay an exorbitant amount of money for their policy.
In fact, for life insurance and hepatitis C, an insurance provider will take the following and other factors into consideration before coming to a decision:
*The lifestyle of the applicant, including their weight and whether or not they smoke will be considered. Also, the applicant should not consume any alcohol.  
*The age of the person applying for insurance will also be considered and, in the case of life insurance and hepatitis C, this is actually an instance where a person who is younger will be more heavily scrutinized.
*The date of diagnosis will be factored into the equation, with people who were diagnosed years before and whose health is generally stable being favored.
*The health and state of the liver are accounted for and those who have more serious liver damage are often declined.
If you have questions about life insurance and hepatitis C, it’s best to call us. One of our insurance agent who can advise you on the providers who are more likely to approve a hepatitis C sufferer and who can help you find the most affordable rates.

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