Your Wallet will Feel the Pinch When You Mix Life Insurance and Tobacco

Everybody smokes, right? Okay, perhaps this was what got you started smoking in the first place but now that you’re looking into purchasing life insurance, you may be wishing you had resisted the urge to join in.

When it comes to life insurance and tobacco, the two just don’t mix. At least not if you’re looking for the best priced premium you can find. Smokers are often approved for insurance but they wind up paying more for the same policy than a non-smoker.

The reason life insurance and tobacco are not a good match is because using any tobacco products places you into the ‘smoker’ category which automatically means you pose a greater risk to the insurance company. Plain and simple, if you smoke, your chances of dying, as harsh as this may sound, are higher.

What’s more is that the insurance companies don’t really care whether you smoke one pack a day or two cigarettes a month; you’re still a tobacco user. With that being said, if you’re a heavy smoker, it’s much more likely that you will have health issues that stem from your habit and this will place you in yet another risk bracket with even higher premiums.

If you have questions about life insurance and tobacco, contact an insurance agent who knows the industry well and who can give you advice on how and where to find the best priced life insurance policies for smokers. Another great idea, if you’re looking to pay less for life insurance, is to kick the habit altogether. Typically, insurance companies want to know if you’ve used tobacco in the last 12 months. Give it time and then go and apply for an insurance policy with your non-smoker status.

Your smoking shouldn’t prevent you from purchasing life insurance. Learn what you need to know about this important decision, today.