Life insurance at 70

So often in the insurance industry, we have people ask us whether or not they’re too old to purchase an insurance policy. The truth is, nobody is ever too old to benefit from owning life insurance, it just might be less easy to find and purchase a policy that’s right for you at your age. The long and short of it is, then, life insurance at age 70 is possible.

There are a few things you need to know about buying life insurance at age 70. Firstly, not every insurance provider offers policies that are specifically tailored to older people’s financial and coverage needs. There’s little point in paying a fortune for a regular life insurance policy or to go through the same medical exam given to 30 year old insurance shopper and hoping to pass. This is where it pays to call and speak to a licensed insurance agent. They will be able to tell you who to contact if you’re interested in purchasing life insurance at age 70 and how you can purchase a policy for less money.

With senior-specific policies, people in their golden years can often secure a policy without even having to take a medical examination and for less cost. The price of a senior-specific policy is made more affordable because the size of the death benefit will undoubtedly be smaller than it would had the person purchased a policy several years before.

Avoid the higher expense and the stress of taking a regular insurance medical examination by learning more about senior’s life insurance. Life insurance at age 70 can provide as many positive benefits as it would to own a policy at age 40. In the end, your loved ones will receive adequate coverage if and when you die.

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life insurance at 70

life insurance at age 70