Life insurance if you have had a stroke.

Life Insurance for Stroke Victims

Often, after a person suffers some sort of serious health condition or diagnosis, they start thinking about taking care of their estate and how they would like to be able to support the people they love, should they die. Perhaps life insurance wasn’t a priority before or maybe it wasn’t realistic financially-speaking, but once a person has been diagnosed or experienced a serious medical condition, it can make it much more difficult for them to be approved for life insurance.
In the insurance industry, we often get the question of whether or not there’s life insurance for stroke victims. Suffering a stroke would fall into the serious medical condition category and would automatically place you in a higher risk category in the eyes of the insurance company. Insurance providers decide whether or not to insure a person based on a number of different criteria, but health condition is one that takes precedence. Still, these decisions are determined on a case-by-case basis and can vary from company to company.
So, while one company may flat out refuse to provide life insurance for stroke victims of any degree of severity, another may offer a policy to a person who suffered a fairly mild stroke or who has showed no signs of a repeat episode for several years. The best thing to do is to contact an insurance agent who will be able to tell you which insurance companies are more or less likely to offer life insurance for stroke victims. From there, they can help you secure quotes and weigh the pros and cons of what may mean having to spend more for insurance premiums.
Either way, you shouldn’t give up on the idea of life insurance just because you’ve suffered a stroke. Start your research today because some solutions for life insurance for stroke victims do exist.


Call today to find out what options you have for life insurance if you have had a stoke and what the cost will be.