Term Life Insurance Over Age 60? Can I get it?

Wondering Why You Might Want to Buy Term Life Insurance if You’re 60+? We’ll Tell You!
Term life insurance covers a policy holder’s beneficiaries in the event that they die within their pre-set term. This type of insurance is often a popular policy choice among those with young children because they can pay into a policy that will cover their dependents until they are of the age where they can support themselves. This type of policy is easily adapted to a specific situation or need and, therefore, the policy holder will only pay for insurance during that period.
So, then, why would someone who is over the age of 60 even consider purchasing term life insurance? There are a couple of reasons which we will outline below:
If you’re about to or have recently remarried, you may be interested in purchasing a term life insurance policy, regardless of the fact that you’re over 60. It may be that you would like to be able to provide for and support your new spouse in the event that you die. Depending on your health and whether or not you have any known health risks, securing a term life insurance policy that will suit your coverage needs may simply require some research and calling around to different insurance providers. Seeking the help of an insurance agent is likely the best course of action to take.
Another instance where a person over the age of 60 may want to purchase term life insurance is if you want to protect your pension. For some people, years of working in a particular job means they can rely on the income from a pension during their retirement years, and few people would want their spouse or other dependents to lose even any amount of that income source should they die unexpectedly. One of the ways to protect against this is to take out a term life insurance policy. You could use the policy to make up the difference in pension income for your spouse, should you pass. Like we mentioned before, an insurance agent can help you find a provider that will insure you for a set period of time, despite your age.
Even at 60+, a term life insurance policy can provide you with unparalleled peace of mind.

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