What is a paramedical exam for life insurance?

Why do I have to go through a paramedical exam when I apply for life insurance?  The Paramedical exam falls somewhere in between the medical exam and the non-medical evidence. The exam is conducted by a nurse who typically comes to your home. The nurse will gather basic examination measurements. E.i. height, weight, blood pressure, pulse rate, and waist measurement.  A paramed will also test for nicotine as well as HIV. The reason life insurance companies prefer a paramedical exam compared to physicians visits is the reduce cost and a physician’s fee can be quite expensive.  A paramedical exam does not include any more-sophisticated tests or any detailed reports which sometimes can be needed for the life insurance application process.

A para-med exam can be scheduled quicker than a physicians visit and be done at the convenience of an insured home.  This is why insurance carriers opt to choose this route when qualifying a term life insurance applicant.

If you don’t want to take a paramed exam you can get a no medical exam term life insurance policy as well.

Remember that if you are set to take a life insurance paramedical exam it is best practices to fast for 24 hours before the exam.  This will make test more accurate.  Until next time….