How does you Physical Condition affect you Life Insurance?

In the short run, a applicants physical condition could outweigh any other factors on a life insurance application. When a life insurance underwriter is evaluating a life insurance application, whether it be term life or whole life, they want to know if their could be any impairments of the mind or body that could ultimately cause a shortened life expectancy. 

A life insurance application is designed to get this type of information. If the size of the death benefit is large enough, there will be a medical exam involved.  Also an applicant could have to go through lab testing.  The main reason for the med exams is to make sure that all organs and vitals are in tact. The heart an other circulatory systems are under intense scrutiny.

Any time an underwriter see a combination of weight problem and hyper tension they always take this serious.  If an applicant has a poor physical build and high blood pressure, they could see beneficial treatment, if the blood pressure has been controlled by medication for a long period of time. 

Bottom line make sure you have you physical build in good order when you get your life insurance.  This way you can know your are getting the absolute best deal…