A majority of those who purchased health insurance under the Affordable Care Act said they were happy with their new coverage.

There’s been no shortage of commentary from both sides of the aisle about the pros and cons of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), and the impact it’s having on the health insurance landscape. But if you were to ask the actual coverage recipients themselves, most would tell you they’re pretty satisfied.

That’s all according to a new poll conducted by the Commonwealth Fund, a research group analyzing the effects of the expanded health insurance law. Citing data from that study, The New York Times reports that, thanks to new insurance options, only 15 percent of American adults under 65 now lack health coverage — a significant improvement from the 20 percent reported prior to this January. Of those new enrollees, a whopping 73 percent claimed they were either somewhat satisfied or very satisfied with their new health plans. For those who lost coverage — including those whose health policies were canceled for falling short of ACA requirements — 77 percent said they were now happy with the new insurance they’ve purchased off of the exchanges.

Why are they happy?  That is one thing the survey does not say.  Did they get free health care because of a subsidy?  Did they get health insurance because they finally could because of a preexisting condition?  These are things I think which would make the survey a whole lot more informative.

Even more reassuring is that people are actually putting their health insurance to work. Sixty percent of those surveyed said they had used their new plans to visit a doctor or hospital or obtain a prescription, a feat they claimed wouldn’t have been possible beforehand.

Regardless of the politicized nature of the health care law, it’s at least heartening to see millions of previously uninsured Americans benefit from this availability of coverage. It’s imperative that individuals and families alike take the proper steps to insure themselves — with health coverage and life insurance — to prevent a financial disaster for loved ones in the event of an unforeseen incident. Check out TermLife-Insurance.com’ website for a quick and easy quote comparison that will yield the most affordable life insurance rates online.