Should you buy life insurance for kids?

Insuring Children

It may seem strange to think about buying term life insurance for a child. After all, beyond the emotional loss your family likely wouldn’t suffer from the loss of income, which is typically the reason people buy life insurance in the first place.

There are, however, expenses that go along with the death of a child, including funeral expenses and, depending on the age of the child, the possibility of having to take care of any unsettled debts. In this case, term life insurance for a child would make sense.

With this being said, very few insurance companies actually offer separate policies for children. There are, however, ‘child riders’ which many companies offer as a less-expensive add on to a parent’s insurance coverage. Typically, parents can pay an additional flat fee and, in the unfortunate event that their child died, they could receive coverage up to a maximum of $25,000.  

When considering purchasing such insurance for your children, think carefully about how their death could affect you financially. Having to bury a child is unimaginable, but to struggle to pay for the costs of their funeral or any other related expenses makes this experience even more difficult.  

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