What You Need to Know About Life Insurance and Smoking.

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Despite your best efforts to quit, you’ve been a steady smoker since the time you were 18. Perhaps the decision to buy life insurance will be reason enough to finally get you to kick the habit. After all, when it comes to life insurance and smoking, you’re going to pay for your smoking habit again and again through higher premiums.
On a life insurance application, one of the questions you are asked is whether or not you smoke or, even, if you have used any tobacco products in the last 12 months. You see, whether you smoke occasionally or you smoke two packs of cigarettes a day, it’s all the same in the eyes of the life insurance companies.
An insurance company determines smokers life insurance rates at a higher risk. Smoking puts insurance applicants into a separate category altogether, as smoking undoubtedly heightens your risk of death as compared to a person who doesn’t smoke. This means, if you and another person were identical in all other areas except for the fact that you smoke, a smokers rates will still pay more for your insurance than the other person will.
But going back to the fact that insurance companies don’t differentiate between a heavy smoker and an occasional smoker; even though you may both fall into the ‘smoker’ category for risk assessment, when it comes to life insurance and smoking people who are heavy smokers are typically at an even greater disadvantage with regards to paying more for premiums, because it’s more likely that they have other documented health issues as a result of their smoking.
If you want to buy life insurance but worry that your smoking will prevent you from finding an affordable policy, call and speak to a licensed insurance agent. Better yet, quit smoking now and then apply for your insurance in 12 months. Then you will see a significant difference in your premiums!

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