How do you get a Guaranteed Premium

Congratulations! Purchasing a term life insurance policy will provide you with incomparable peace of mind. Knowing that your loved ones or other beneficiaries will be well looked after in the unfortunate event that you pass away is a very good feeling.

But, first things first, you may be wondering what ‘guaranteed’ means when we refer to your premium. If you purchase a policy with a guaranteed 25 year term, this means that unless you stop paying your premium, it will always stay the same for the duration of the 25 years. So, whether you purchased coverage for a 10 year term or a 30 year term, the amount of your premium is guaranteed to stay consistent. With this being said, the amount of your coverage will always stay the same and the insurance company can’t cancel your policy or change the amount of your premium as long as it’s within your specified term.

With this guarantee, policy holders are better prepared to budget for their premiums, making the insurance coverage they want and need more affordable. Policy holders don’t have to wonder or worry about what will happen to their premium during the next quarter and, instead, can always count on paying the same fixed amount. While some companies will offer partially-guaranteed premiums, the policy holder has no way of knowing how their premium will change in future years. This is a great reason to choose an insurance provider that only offers guaranteed policies.

For more assistance or advice in choosing the insurance provider that will best suit your insurance needs, visit or speak with one of our live, licensed agents. We work with over 40 term life insurance companies so finding the coverage you need for the guaranteed premiums you’re willing to pay isn’t difficult.