Do I have to take a drug test for life insurance?

Will You be Required to Take a Life Insurance Drug Test? The Answer is Yes it could soon be required.

People shopping for life insurance often have many questions. What will it cost? What type of coverage can they expect? How will their health condition come into play when their rates and coverage are calculated? But, one of the lesser-asked but equally as important questions is whether or not a person will be required to take a life insurance drug test.

Just like they use a health exam to determine your current condition, where your blood and urine are tested, it’s more than likely that your soon-to-be insurance provider will want to know whether or not you use drugs. A life insurance drug test will most likely be administered at the time of your health exam so prospective insurance policy shoppers should be aware of what a drug test fail could mean for them.

If you’re serious about buying life insurance, you should take the life insurance drug test just as seriously. Call today

Failing a life insurance drug test could likely mean you will be rejected by the provider for the current policy you wish to buy. What’s more is that a failed life insurance drug test could follow you and stay on your record even if you try to purchase an insurance policy from a different provider down the road. As you can see, passing a life insurance drug test is important and not something you want to take lightly. We will touch on qualifying for life insurance if you are a marijuana user in another blog post.  There are companies that do accept pot smokers without penalty even if it’s not for medical use.

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