Life Insurance after DUI?

Can you get Life Insurance after DUI? Learn the Facts

Everyone, at some time or another, makes a mistake. The mistakes we make can have repercussions as small as being late for a meeting or as large as endangering another’s life. When it comes to life insurance, the mistakes we make have repercussions, too.
Insurance agents often get questions about how mistakes or what we’ve done in the past will affect insurability. When it comes to life insurance after DUI, there are undoubtedly consequences, financially speaking, of having driven under the influence of alcohol.
Whenever you apply for whole life or term life insurance the company from which you seek a policy will want to know everything about you; from your medical history and your employment, down to your marital status and, the big one when it comes to life insurance after DUI, your driving history.
The reason your driving history plays such an important role in determining your insurability is that an insurance provider will use this information to determine whether or not you are a high risk candidate. If your behavior puts you at a greater risk for dying, the life insurance company is going to make you pay more for your coverage. It goes without saying, then, that an insurance company takes something like a DUI, where a person has gone behind the wheel of a vehicle while under the influence and without taking regard for their own life (not to mention the lives of others), as risky.
The good news for life insurance after DUI is that there is often a period of five years following your DUI where your rates will be higher, but if your driving record improves following this time, you may be able to get cheaper rates after the five years have lapsed.

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