Connecticut Disability Insurance

It is difficult to wake up one day and realize that you’re not as healthy as you used to be. You’re unable to work every day due to some physical disability. Nobody wants to find themselves in this situation with no income, no way to protect their assets such as homes and cars, and no way to take care of their families. One good solution you can choose to ensure you never fall into this position is to have disability insurance, which you need to qualify for.

A few states including Connecticut offer disability insurance benefits programs. With Connecticut disability insurance, one may be provided with disability benefits from his or her private employer or might be covered by a state program. Disability insurance in Connecticut is designed to protect people in the state who need help covering daily living expenses if they are ill or temporarily or permanently disabled and can no longer work. In considering disability insurance, the most important decision is whether to buy an individual policy or a group policy offered by your employer, assuming that both these options are available. Both types of coverage have limitations of benefits for pre-existing medical conditions.

To find out more about which types of coverage and policies best meet your needs, will help you find the perfect options. Call us and alive life insurance agent will help you get a Connecticut disability insurance quote today. The agent can even complete your application over the phone. Connecticut residents can feel protected by getting either individual or group coverage so that their assets and family are protected in times they cannot work. Whether you’re looking for individual or group disability insurance, call us today for more information or a quote.