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Has a medical diagnosis or your age made you anxious about how you will afford to pay for extended medical care or assisted living? Have you pursued the idea of financial support only to be left with no solution? With there is a solution to your worries: it’s Hawaii long term care insurance.

There are many ways a Hawaii long term care insurance policy can be of benefit to the policy holder, however, you may be confused as to whether or not this type of insurance is well-suited to your situation. Below are some questions and answers that may put you one step closer to making a decision:

Who should own a Hawaii long term care insurance plan?

There are many different people who could benefit from owning a Hawaii long term care insurance policy. The perfect fit for such a policy are those people whose health or age mean extended medical care or assisted living will be imminent in the future.

How does a long term care insurance policy help the insured?

The heightened cost of health care and nursing home care may leave you without any other option but to pay out-of-pocket for excess costs. A long term care insurance policy may give you financial protection in this type of situation.

When is it necessary to research or invest in long term care insurance?

You will want to begin your search for a long term care insurance plan as soon as you know or suspect that you will require costly or long term care in the future. Oftentimes, your health insurance isn’t enough to cover the full amount of such care.

Where should I turn for more information and to get help making a decision? provides plenty of information regarding long term care insurance, as well as a team of licensed insurance agents who are standing by to answer questions or to help you complete an application, right over the phone.

A long term medical illness or the need for assisted living can be difficult in and of itself. The financial obligations that accompany such situations do not make it any easier. With a Hawaii long term care insurance policy, you can focus on what’s important and leave the financial burden to your insurance. Visit for your insurance needs, today.