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Everyone has heard the stories before. They are stories about families who lost everything when someone died or the businesses that became bankrupt due to a sudden death.  These are terrible stories, ones that no one in this life should have to experience first hand.  What is the worst part of these tales? These stories could have been avoided with life insurance.  The problem is that not everyone thinks they can afford such policies, or don’t know exactly what kind of insurance is best for them.

For years, there was no solution to the high price of life insurance.   That was until Idaho whole life insurance came along.  Hailed as the alternative solution to life insurance qualms, whole life insurance is more flexible and yet offers permanent insurance coverage.  What exactly is whole life insurance?  Idaho residents will tell you that it is one of the best forms of coverage around.  Why?  One of the number one reasons is because it has two different payment plans.  The first form of payment is much more traditional and may best suit those who don’t have a high annual income.  The second payment option is called limited payment and has people paying all the premiums over a shorter time period.  However, there are no hidden fees or costs – you simply pay for what you want.  Considering the results of a recent national study, which found generation Y individuals are opting for life insurance over other assets, one can quickly see how such policies are becoming more and more common.

To understand the potential of Idaho whole life insurance, it is perhaps good to consider a common situation.  Imagine later on in your life, when you’re thinking about retirement.  You want to make sure that, if anything happens to either of you, the other will be able to get by even in retirement, when money may be less forthcoming. What is the best way to handle this situation?

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