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Have you ever worried about being vulnerable to accidents at work? Every day, across the nation, people are affected by accidents. Some are indirectly affected by them, while some are actually mentally or physically damaged by such an event. Whatever the case, work disability is a serious thing that occurs on a daily basis. In fact, over 30 million Americans are legally disabled; furthermore, 2 million Americans file for such kind of insurance on a yearly basis. One form of insurance, one that is becoming much more common, is Maryland disability insurance. Also called income insurance, this kind of protection insures that, in the event of an accident, an employee’s weekly income is insured.

Who benefits from Maryland disability insurance?

One of the most common questions people ask when it comes to this kind of income protection is, ‘Okay, so who exactly is this policy for?’ One of the common misconceptions is that it is only for people with the money. On the contrary, this is not true. It’s typically well-suited for people who are working in difficult labor jobs and who are vulnerable to danger on a daily basis. These people often get pay checks, instead of a salary, and need the income protection in case of any kind of sustained disability.

When should I apply?

A good question is ‘when.’ When is a good time to apply for disability insurance? Maryland residents should apply for insurance before they start a new job. Often, certain companies will have policies in place that employees can use. If not, however, there are many different state policies, such as individual or group claims.

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