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Money is always a problem, and everyone wishes this was not the case—even people who have money.  It is a negative aspect to the very nature of our lives and our happiness.  However, the terrifying aspect of this kind of existence is when accidents happen.  For instance, workers who suffer an accident on the job and become disabled often cannot work any longer.  If they do not have the insurance to protect them against such things, then they will lose their steady source of income.  In fact, over 30 million Americans are legally disabled; furthermore, 2 million Americans file for such kind of insurance on a yearly basis.   One form of insurance that can protect people against such unfortunate circumstances is New Jersey disability insurance.

Disability insurance is known as paycheck protection.  What this means is that beneficiaries will still receive a steady paycheck even if they become disabled and are no longer able to work.  This paycheck will be equal, or a bit less, than what they were making before and will last for as long as they need it, or until they can work again.

There are many different kinds of disability insurance.  New Jersey residents know a few of the different forms, but due to lack of knowledge, many people do not know which is best for them.  In general, the following types of insurance are offered:

Individual Disability Insurance:  This kind of policy is for people who are not employed by a major business or corporation, or for those who are self-employed.  This kind of insurance comes with additional benefits if a premium is paid.

High-Limit Insurance:  This is one of the more popular forms.  It creates benefits that will give people close to 70% of their previous income while away from the job.

Key Person:  This insurance is the company that loses a key member of its teams due to a disability.  It is great for larger companies or corporations.

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