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You are living in New York and you are thinking that you need life insurance but do not think you can afford it? The good news is that, even if you do not have the ability to pay for life insurance, there are New York long term care insurance companies that offer insurance policy for people like you to protect you and your loved ones when you get sick or die.

According to one study, “not being a burden on the family” was the most important reason why long term care is a popular choice for men and women age 55 and over. Protecting their spouse’s/loved ones’ quality of life and future security is the added reason for them. When asked what part of “being a burden” worries them most, people told us that extended care can carry out financial pressures on family members and also restricts their lifestyles. With long term care insurance, you pay in amounts you know in advance and can budget for the payment and coverage limits for the long-term care you need.

What exactly is long term care? It is simply defined as care given by another party for the benefit of those who are unable to take care for themselves. This care is typically for an extended period of time and needs supervision for a certain medical condition. The ideal place for this care is in the person’s home for as long as possible or can also be received in an assisted living or nursing home facility. New York long term care insurance helps offset the cost of long term healthcare for people living in New York.

Long term care insurance New York is available from It is a reputable and reliable company that ensures that you get the coverage you pay for and the coverage you need. If you want to know more about their insurance policies, grab a phone and give them a call. A live life insurance agent can attend to your call and can even complete your application over the phone. If you or your spouse requires long term care and is able to self-insure or pay out of your own money for the cost of long term care, do not count on the government to step in and cover these costs for you but rather give us a call.