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There are many different ways someone can become disabled.  For example, they can have a minor accident at work and become mentally traumatized by the event.  They can have a serious accident at work and become physically incapable to do any more of their job.  They can even be the cause of an accident and become mentally unstable as a result.  The fact of the matter is that accidents do occur.  Thirty million people in the United States are considered disabled citizens and 2 million US citizens, per year, file for some form of disability insurance.  So, you know the protection does exist, which means the question becomes where and how you find the right protection for you?  One such protection is with North Carolina disability insurance.  Known as income insurance, the policy holder will be able to insure a pay check against the possibility of becoming disabled and unable to work.
First consider the following scenario: You are a mother of three and work at a local factory. You need the money to support your family, to help pay for your children’s schooling and basic necessities.  The job can be dangerous and you know that.  You’ve seen fellow workers become disabled both mentally and physically on the job.  What do you do?  You think about getting disability insurance.  North Carolina residents know how important is to make sure your income never dries up, especially if there comes a time when you can’t work as an able bodied person anymore.
Adhering to the above scenario, you can see who North Carolina disability insurance is for – the people who need it.  It might not be for the person whose dual income household could support an injury, but it’s for those who would struggle to get by if they were suddenly unable to work. With this being said, the best time to apply for such income protection is before you start working.   This is best because when an accident does occur you can receive the benefits of the insurance immediately. has live agents standing by waiting and willing to take any question you have.  Moreover, they will help you fill out an application on the phone, as well as provide you with detailed information of the different kinds of disability insurance quotes which are offered.