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What does it mean to be disabled?  This is very much a loaded question.  It goes back to the very fundamentals of what it means to be anything.  Things are relative – they have to be – there is no absolute truth.  For our intents and purposes, ‘disabled’ implies to someone not being able to do something that they could a) do before or b) can’t do now because of an accident that has occurred.  As the population grows, so does the workforce.  This creates a situation where more and more people are working in a more and more competitive environment.  What does such a completive environment create?   More accidents.  One of the more common ways to protect yourself against such accidents is through North Dakota disability insurance.  Finding the proper protection is important for you and your family’s financial safety.
This kind of insurance is also called DI.  In a sense, it’s a kind of income insurance.  It insures the beneficiary’s earned income against a risk of disability.  This extends to a disability that makes work uncomfortable, which may include such things as with mental strain, to any physically painful circumstances – such as back pain caused by a serious fall.  There are two types of North Dakota disability insurance – short-term and long-term insurance.  
Different Types of Disability Insurance:
North Dakota residents have the option of choosing from a couple of insurance options:
Individual:  The most common policy is one for the individual.  This is the most common type of DI found throughout the States.  It’s for people who work pay check to pay check jobs and need protection against serious injury.  The benefits range, but are generally only given if the policy existed before an accident occurs.
Company:  If you own a company and want to protect yourself, as well as your employees, then key-person insurance could be right for you.   It’s protection against a situation where in a employee becomes disabled.
Where do you find disability insurance?  North Dakota residents can go to and talk to any of the live agents standing by on call.  The insurance agents standing by are more than willing to answer as many questions as you have.