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What causes disability?  This is an interesting question that has more than one answer.   The answer is relative – it depends on who’s asking the question, as well as what kind of answer the person is looking for.  A simple definition of disability is when someone falls victim to either cancer, a heart attack, a stroke, diabetes or any kind of injury caused by accidents.  These kinds of disabilities can happen throughout anyone’s life in a variety of circumstances; however, the most common place where they occur is in the workplace.  This can cause serious financial problems.  For instance, imagine a father of three who works every day to feed his family.  What if he were to fall prey to an accident and become disabled?  Where would the money to support his family come from?

One way to ensure income protection is with Oregon disability insurance.  This kind of insurance is highly beneficial for numerous reasons. The benefits include receiving a percentage of your monthly income while disabled as well as receiving treatment to speed up your recovery while you are unable to work.  The insurance agencies want to see you back at work, as it’s in their contracted agreement, and will, therefore, do everything in their power to make the process as smooth as possible.

The truth of the matter is that not everyone will need disability insurance.  Oregon residents work in many vocations, some of which are vastly different from others.  But, with that being said, accidents can happen anywhere and anyone can become seriously sick and unable to work.  Anyone who is employed and wants to take the precaution can apply for insurance.  Cancer, for example, can affect just about anyone and is considered a serious financial burden.  If you are worried about potential disability, then applying for insurance is very easy.

If you want to find out more or are ready to apply for disability insurance, Oregon residents should use  Not only does the website include all the information you need, but it also has live agents standing by who will take your questions, as well you give you a realistic quote.