term vs whole life insurance

Term life insurance is our specialty. We have great relationships with the top term life insurance companies in the country, and we have direct access to the underwriters which is an advantage for you.  TermLife-Insurnace.com is built on the Fat Agent platform which gives us a competitive edge over any other agency in the country.  Our Technology allows us to give you more choices, better prices, faster customers service and an overall better buying experience.

Below you can learn more or get instant quotes from the top term life insurance companies in the country.

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How much life insurance do I need?

If you are looking for a policy that lasts forever than a permanent life insurance policy is what you need. Not only does permanent life insurance last your entire lifetime, but these types of policies build up cash value as well. There are two types of permanent life insurance; Universal life insurance and whole life insurance.

You can learn more about each type of insurance in the links below.

Whole Life Insurance
Universal Life Insurance
Life insurance for parents

Hopefully, you have saved a lot of money over your lifetime.  Long term care insurance preserves your assets so that you can pass them on loved ones. Long term care insurance gives you the power to make choices such as home health care vs. nursing home care. Picking the right plan is critical to your future. Get a quote and learn more about they types of long term care coverages below.

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