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The world is not a completely safe place.  There are many different ways a person can become disabled.  A person can have a minor accident at work.  He or she can have a serious accident at work.  He or she can watch a serious accident at work occur to someone else.  All these events can lead to someone becoming mentally traumatized or physically damaged.  For example, people working in a dangerous workplace can’t predict when an accident will occur or who will be affected by such an event.  We all must face the fact that accidents do and will happen.

One way to protect ourselves from such accidents occurring and affecting our lives in a serious and detrimental manner is through what is known as Rhode Island disability insurance.  This kind of insurance is also known as income protection.  It insures a person’s pay check against the possibility of him or her not being able to work anymore (which is often caused by work-related accidents).

What are the benefits of disability insurance?  Rhode Island residents, like anyone in the United States, are vulnerable to certain elements that humans cannot control.  For example, the land is still wild in many regards, just as the weather is still unpredictable.

To get a better understanding of just who Rhode Island disability insurance is for, consider the following scenario.  You are the father of two, working in the construction business.  The work is very difficult.  It is extremely hard and tiresome.  Every day, you need to go into the plant and work for twelve hours moving logs, cutting logs, building pieces, nailing, and drilling.  By working in this building, you constantly put yourself at risk. Sure, safety measures are taken, but accidents still happen.  Suddenly, one day you fall off one of the platforms and shatter your right leg.   You can’t work any longer and are sent home.  This is an instance where Rhode Island disability insurance becomes extremely relevant.

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